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The Outskirts of Paradise by Montgomery Burt


A certain kind of light by Jaylen Axel


Zeda the Hunter by Alexandru Ranta


No Fly Bird by Ivan Drago & Alessandro Micelli


Forget me not by Laura Dobre


Il nuovo che avanza by Diego Trovarelli


The Minefield by Quinn Redeker & Jason Skorski


Necropolis by Caledonia Hanson


Forget me not by Laura Dobre




 Screw The Cow by Frank J. Avella
Forget me not by Laura Dobre
Above The Horizon by Russell Conley
Napoleon by Ian Burns
The Minefield by Quinn Redeker & Jason Skorski



Black Rose by Uzair Merchant
Necropolis by Caledonia Hanson
The Elite 8 by Jeryl Parade
The 4th Temptation by Christopher Guzzo
Black Collar by James Samuel



No Fly Bird by Ivan Drago & Alessandro Micelli
Dandelion Wishes by Sammy Kistell
Interbay by Jared Hines
Il nuovo che avanza by Diego Trovarelli
The Assassination of Lost Innocence by Qiana C.

The Dead Track by Antonio Maciocco
Swallows by Jeffrey Morin
I Want In by Nath Milburn
The Girl in the River by Brando Benetton
The Photographer by Danielle Lima
California Sunshine by Madison Kazella
Bloodline - Elisa's Story by Michael Cooper
Dummy by David-Matthew Barnes
Clay by Danny Irizarry
High Tea by Anna Ebell
It Was Probably Just the Wind by Nathan D. Ludwig
Twisted Fate by Charles Petrilla
Safe by Federico Maria Giansanti
Red Shirt by Mary C. Ferrara
Barcode by Hüseyin Urçuk
Beasts by Lucian Marinescu & Giorgio La Rosa & Koen De Saeger
The Office Worker by Jacob Thompson & Christian Hutchins
Dying To by Joe K. Gilberto
Life After Death by David Two-Saint
Watch Out! Here Be Vampyres by James Caley
Cultivating Mr. Perfect by Roopal Badheka
Running The Bases by Marty Roberts & Jimmy Womble
Blue Myst Road by Michael Arthur Cantu
Let’s go home by Carlo Del Fiorentino
Time, Space, And The Poet by John Turner
Unison Kismet: The Twin Samaritan by Francesco Capussela
Paper Tiger by Brad Porter
The Book of Men by Alexandre Coelho
15 by Tim McClelland
In a cleaner world by Pierpaolo Labadia

Hooked for Murder....?? by Manisha Gupta
Night in Venice by Alexander Chernega
Lo Sfratto by Tiziana Cristiano
Cross with Care....?? by Manisha Gupta
Lockdown by Brian Wallace
Get Tha Strap by James Samuel
pHaRma by Madeline Borkin & Kristen Epland
Obama's Dreams by James Fitzmaurice
Wilde West by Jennifer Winter , Joe Gayton
The Trip by Michael Adebayo Olaitan
 Red by Theodore Carl Soderberg
Regalia by Katy Jordan
Shrink in Covid.........?? by Manisha Gupta
Il prezzo di un’emozione by Giuseppe De Vuono
The Last Day of Paradise by Kiki Denis
Finding the Fetch by Adam Lucas & Camila McCord
The Art of Selling Yourself Short by Tim McClelland
Cooper Adler's Romantic Comedy by Jeff Opdyke
Soul Walker by Julie Ann Mirse
Pulpo Paul by Rebeca Melara
Imago by Sean Mannion
Thieves In The Night by Maximilian Feurstein & Ted Dontchev
The Mountains Are Calling by Eva Bennett
The Legend of Lizzy Flynn by Paul Awad & Katahryn O'Sullivan
M.A.S.H. by Donna Mae Foronda
Mia by Matthew Townsend
The Peacemaker by Richard Lanoix
Pulpo Paul by Rebeca Melara
Coffee Bird by Jarek Marszewski & Anthony Marais
No One Will Know Me by Devin Dugan
Starbrite by Jamale Ellison
Called by Nature......?? by Manisha Gupta
Retirement Road Trip by Joe Leone
Conscription by Jennifer Milne
Ashlee Knows by Tommy Britt
Beyond the Inexpressible by Kirill Ustyuzhanin
As sure as the earth turns by James Caldwell
Fresh Start Incorporated by Scott Marshall Taylor
The Last Rodeo by Steeven K. Sampassa
 Air Castles by Danielle Kronenberg
The Wonderful by Demitra Papadinis
The Statue Garden by Peter Hsieh
The Regent by Priscila Santa Rosa
Nine Years by Andrea Castelli
Noah's Belt by Kevin Staake
Penny by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid
A Second Husband by Tommy Britt
Magician's Assistant by David Crane & Trevor Smith
Liable by Tobias Strack
Three. Two. Gone. by Russell Southam
You Look Pretty Up Here by Thom Hilton & Ethan River Cohen
Tree o' mine by Bernhard Riedhammer
The Box by Ermir M. B.
Andrea by Ivan Drago
The Sinners by Crocco
Sins of a Father by Joe Gibbons
Bye by Fabio Perrone
The Princess and the Fool by Stephanie Rosas
Spaghetti Park by Joseph Bottazzi
Infinity by Martina Biscarini
Ext. Evening by Luigi Salerno
Appointment at 12 by Antonio Passaro
Antiquity by Johnathen Rockwell & Lillian Gannon
The Hit by Clint Horvath
Ali di pollo by Marco Di Gerlando
The cigarette by Antonio Passaro
Lucky Day by Wendy J. Grube
Shock Chords by Janice Mejías & Juanchi González
The Dinner Party by Ashton Golembo
The Pros and Cons of Killing Yourself by Ravi Steve Khajuria
Gift by Jeff Kallet

The wolf 's son by Pierpaolo Labadia
A week between us by Rayia Banjar & Asim Altokhais
Daughter by Seymour Zeynalli
Dire Consequences by Joseph Leone
I can not live by Umberto Manna
The Old Man by Leon Bell
Lost In Thought by Oliver Muniz
Wisdom of the Ancients by Mark Perlick
The Cock-Up by Luke J. Perry
Grandma is back! by Soroosh Roohbakhsh Iradi
The Son Rises by Alexander G. Seyum
Sweet July by Gordon LeCroy
Gateway to Heaven by Sebastien Gaspar-Woods
Election Day by Gabangaye Shongwe
Deep Pockets, Empty Hearts by Alessia Francischiello
Rapacity by Martina Mele
After This by Kaitlyn Clare
Digging Up the Past by Helen Rana


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